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I am from Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia.
I am alumni of Santa Maria Catholic Senior High School, class 1987. Later I took my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering at ITS-Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, class 1990 and graduated in 1994. As my final project, I did a research and analysis of vehicle's stability toward spoiler's installation on a saloon model. This topic is very interesting, since I get known more about wind tunnel system and testing, and aerodynamic factor.

After experiencing several year working experiences, I continued my study for postgraduate degree in business administration at Murdoch University, Perth-Western Australia in 1996. Business is always an interesting subject for me, which combines analysis, strategy, and implementation to become a combination of game and challenges.

Currently I'm working at Astra International, one of leading business groups in Indonesia.
My assignment is as internal consultant for the business group,
particularly for SAP R/3 Application, Finance & Controlling Module.
As an SAP R/3 Functional Consultant, I'm conducting a full-cycle of R/3 system implementation.
The cycle consists of several phases; it starts from product cost analysis, continued with a business process reengineering.
Having building a blueprint of the BPR, we're going onto the gap analysis which is a mapping between the blueprint and the R/3 system functionality.
Following the gap analysis we start with the customizing and configuration, that usually becomes core value for the implementation.
The next phase is configuration testing and prototyping. Last but not least we are providing an end user training session and conducting system support and maintenance.

Enough about the job, I continue with my other personals....
I like to play tennis and swimming as my sport activities. My other hobbies are reading, exploring the net, and drawing. I also like to listen slow pop and slow rock music, and instrumental, particularly piano plays.
I also have interest in automotive, management, and business-related issues...and last but not least humour, jokes...and....

...the quotes, I love them since they are giving me inspirations and keeping me high motivated.


Ok, that's me!
I'll be grateful if I can establish a friendship with you all.
I welcome for your comment, opinion, suggestion, or even jokes. Just send to my email address below and fill the guest book. Thank you for your visit... :)Come again!!!


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